Hamilton Auto Glass Service Offers Window Tinting Deal


We Found a Car Tinting Deal for you guys in Hamilton, Ontario

You’re in luck. We found a deal online that we’d like to tell our readers about. The latest window tinting Hamilton deal should be available for a few more month on Living Social. I believe it is only useable for automobile tinting from Hamilton Glass Experts. Our suggestion is to give the actual shop a call to see what the final price will be. For my 2013 Ford Fusion, it ended up being just under $200 for professional tinting which is pretty solid. Most other places I’ve gone to have a good #M tint were about 350-400. Hopefully, when you save that money on a tint you’ll consider giving us a call for auto detailing service as well.

Car window Tinting Laws in Hamilton

How to choose the right tint film:

So how dark can you go? First off, I’ll tell you the temptation is to go as dark a tint shade a possible. I’ll warn you ahead of time, even if you get a really dark tint and risk breaking the law, you’ll be surpised at how difficult it is to see out your rear windshield. I know from experience. When I was younger I had a deep shade dark tint on my Civic and honestly stopped using my rear view mirror. The main part of the law in Ontario, suggests that one cannot have window tinted dark enough to obstruct view of driver. Obviously, there’s plenty of people breaking this law in Hamilton, Ontario so I’m not sure how police officers are instructed to ticket people for this. Regardless a ticket can be up to $500. So essentially just make sure you don’t go so dark that you can’t see the road or so dark the police can’t make out your face through the windshield. As far the rear windshield goes you can pretty much go as dark a shade as you like.

How Long Does A Tint Take?

Here’s the tinting process:

You’ll need about 1.5 to two hours to set aside. Then as previously discussed in this article you’ll need to choose the type on tint shade you’ll like. One more thing to consider is the quality of tinting film. There are several options including 3m and a new ceramic tint that re-enforces the strength of the windshield. The of course you’ll need to get your cars window glass completely clean. This is crucial since any dirt or debris is likely gunna stick inbetween the tint and the window so be careful to make sure you really have cleaned it well. Now once appliead, it’s important to et all the bubbles out. There’s nothing more terrible looking then bubbling window tints. Here’s a video showing the process. Make sure you take advantage of this deal and of course let us know if you’de like to have your car detailed any time!